Merry Thanksgiving

So a little ole someone kicked off thanksgiving eve by munching on a juicy orange persimmon. And that same little someone woke up at 5:30 am with writhing, wriggling, horrendous stomach pains, like a powerful kick to the gut in rhythmic succession. OUCH! Luckily the fiancée ran out for emergency aid [tums and soda] and put that someone back to bed where she slept like the dead until 11am.

Thanksgiving morning = rocky start.

By 1pm, we were out the door, enjoying the first day of sunshine in a couple of days. Our 6 mile run through the park was tough, but we did it. I actually shed a few tears at the end. I guess I did not get the memo that this was supposed to be a fun run. I decided to kick it into marathon mode. I am thankful for my legs. And my boyfriend who does not make fun of me as I sling snot, cry big crocodile tears, and grunt in a very masculine manner.

The workout left us hobbling and crotchety, a foreshadowing of the old folks we would one day become. Cute! We had a nice post-workout snack, shower, and nap. This is what holidays are all about. Give me an excuse to enter vegetative stasis for a bit and I am first in line.

4pm and the Thanksgiving cooking began to the tune of holiday classics. Confession-one of the best things about holidays in your cozy apartment is the “I can wear whatever I want i.e. I am not taking off this ridiculous hat, these ugg boots, the over-sized tee shirt, and these tights ever, never ever”

Chris and I chopped and peeled, mixed and mashed, set timers, opened and shut oven, cleaned dishes, and scrubbed counters. The whole meal took 2 hours from start to finish, and there was nary a spill, nary an argument, nary a “oh holy hell why don’t we just order a pizza!” SUCCESS! I even released my sous chef to the couch about 30 minutes in. Talk about calm, cool, and collected Ms. Chef over here.

On the menu for a vegetarian chef and her non-vegetarian companion who the chef made change into dressy clothes for the actual feasting because being fancy can be fun

  • balsamic glazed oven roasted portabella caps
  • vegan stuffing
  • cranberry sauce [from the can-the boy loves it!]
  • maple almond glazed oven roasted winter vegetables
  • buttermilk biscuits
  • pear, apple, goat cheese spinach salad
Insert half hour after feast night-time walk
  • pumpkin brownie a la mode, served in bed while watching Elf.

While I know we will always miss Thanksgiving at home with our families, this year got me thinking about new traditions and how, miraculously, a different experience can be just as comforting as the old. I look forward to all the yet-to-be forged territory C and I will soon cover, together. I am marrying my best friend. I’d say that takes the cake  ( or brownie) in terms of what I am thankful for this year.


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