Solo Soiree

You know what I am finding out slowly but surely…..having a whole pantry full of delicious and nutritious food staples is the BEST way to save money, encourage balanced meal creations, and finish every meal wholly satisfied.

I got back from a 90 minute sweat session of bikram yoga feeling limp and noodle. A large carton of french fries or a bagel with extra peanut butter sounded oh so appealing and very stress-free BUT I stayed the course and made it home.

After a quick shower and some light cleaning, I opened my cupboards and fridge to decide upon my meal. Earlier this week I baked a few extra sweet potatoes and overnight soaked and slow-cooked some tomato spiced lentils plus a batch of lemon pepper basil green beans. I threw the beans and lentils along with some spoon spinach into a pan and added tabasco and dijon plus some sea salt and pepper. While the veggies were sizzling I warmed up the potato with butter and salt in the microwave. At the last-minute I added a few raw almonds and three thin slices of tempeh for protein. The buttery potato really tasted great mashed atop the bowl of lentil, spinach, and green beans. All the dish lacked was a sprinkle more of sea salt and a dash or basil.

I am full. I am happy. I am nourished (minus no boyfriend). What’s for dessert?


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