We’re Getting Hitched, Y’all!

The day after Christmas is normally a down day.I’m full from a day of all out feasting, tired from staying up too late wrapping gifts, and exhausted from increased family time. Usually I schedule nothing for December 26. I sleep as late as I can in my new Christmas pi’s, enjoy a light breakfast, and then return to my bed for books, movies, and napping. The day after Christmas is all about remaining in the horizontal position for as long as I can.

I am lucky. I have the kind of family who can get down with doing diddly squat. My mom loves nothing more than laying in bed with books and her laptop, watching the hours tick by and giggling at the fact that she has yet to dress, yet to shower, yet to emerge into the real world. Chris, my fiancée, is a movie freak. The boy can watch back to back dvd’s without a shard of remorse. He’s always down for an all-day couch-a-thon. I am the only one who sometimes takes issue with being “lazy.” I have that unfortunate gene that compels me to move all day long or risk wasting one of the few precious days of my life. Never mind that I am pretty convinced most people get a few more days on earth than they really need. The day after Christmas though, well this day is a pass Go and collect $100 type of day. I happily lounge around sans internal turmoil. Well normally, I do anyway.

Day after Christmas 2011 had other ideas and those ideas came in the form of an engagement party. My gracious family back home in Nashville offered out of the blue to throw Chris and I an announcement shindig for our friends and family to celebrate our upcoming summer nuptials. Now I do find parties celebrating myself to be a bit uncomfortable, as does Chris. O.K. O.K we’re kind-of modest…but we’re working on it, I swear! However, the whole idea is that you only get married once, right?! We both agreed we better allow these momentous occasions to occur or risk regret in the ole mid-life.

December 26 was the chosen and agreed upon date for this cocktail event. Guests arrived at 5pm to find a beautiful home, well-lit, and inviting, with a wonderful table of hors d’oeuvres, and a fully stocked bar with a bartender to boot. It was certainly a classy affair that I am still in shock was all for us.

Happy to report the party went off without a hitch. Everyone had a fine and dandy time and I have received numerous compliments and thank-you’s since then. Chris and I are beyond grateful for my family and their hard-work and enthusiasm over our marriage.

And the best news of all, the engagement party was the kick in the butt Chris and I desperately need to kick this wedding planning into high gear. June 16, 2012, here we come!

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