Piequest 2012

There will be no cake at my wedding. There will be no cupcakes either. Let’s face it, while the traditional wedding cake is certainly a work of art, something to gaze upon, ooh and ahh over, and eagerly await all night long….until the plate is handed to you. It’s all downhill from there. Once you weed through the thick, hard layer of fondant icing in shades unknown in nature, the cake itself is usually very dry and lacking in any flavor than sugar excess leaving your with a frown and some serious dry mouth.

Wedding cakes are so 2011!

It’s all about the wedding pie…pie pie, oh my!

Chris and I both share a love for pie of any shape or size. For me, pie means summer. It means late nights on the front porch, sweat beads falling down my neck, and fireflies lighting up the yard. Pie is the perfect vehicle for the sweet summer produce Tennessee has to offer and lends itself lovingly to a big dollop of ice cream and a goofy lop-sided pie grin.

Last night I had the privilege of meeting two local pie bakers here in Nashville, gracious enough to drop off some pie samples. Check out Pi Pies if you are in the area. You won’t regret it. I practiced serious restraint and held on to the adorable mini’s until I got home much later.

Then it was high pie time. My mother and I got out the tasting plates and knives and cut ourselves micro bites of each of the pies, pretending we were on Top Chef or some other fancy cooking competition.

First up, the apple cheddar: we loved the savory cheddar crust with hints of baked cheese and undertones of salt. This paired exquisitely with the simple apple filling with notes of lemon and a consistency to be desired. This was a winner!



The blackberry crumble was equally as delightful with its crumbly crust and streusel topping, adding in a sweet element to the otherwise tart berry center. We went back for seconds here.

The raspberry lemon was certainly delicious in its’ cornmeal crust, our favorite part. I liked the tart berries against the somewhat savory crust.

The most interesting of the evening was the indian spiced peach. This unique pie consisted of a pistachio latticed crust which was impeccable. I wold eat that crust all day every day and never grow tired of it. The peaches tucked inside were mixed with Indian spices, garam masala and cinnamon for sure. Now this pie was yummy for sure. Call me old-fashioned, but I still prefer a simple sugar and peach filling though. Major bonus points for appearance on this bad boy though.

Piequest 2012 may have met its Waterloo. Pi Pies product are spot-on, reasonably priced, and made with real passion for all things pie. Now I can certainly get behind that.

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