EAT is part of SWEAT

I eat kind of a lot sometimes, it’s true. And when I am not eating, I am thinking about what to eat next. I love food. I love the process of deciding, preparing, and eating food. I have always loved it to boot. Take for example this true life scenario: as a baby I was taken off regular formula and put on a low-cal version because my cute baby chub was becoming a hazard. I was that munchkin with the dimples all over and the rolls of fat so deep it looked like I was wearing bracelets. I didn’t walk until I was almost two. Instead I sat on my diaper butt and ate marshmallows smothered in jam happily.

I guess I set the precedent for a life of food love early. Luckily the whole overweight and immobile bit I quickly surpassed.

I will be honest. I am no large lady. I am slight and always have been, minus my infantile stages. I have great genes and a high metabolism to thank but it’s not all out of my hands.

Here’s the truth, I work out 5-6 days a week while living an active lifestyle. Perhaps it’s a subconscious mechanism to counter-balance my passion for eating; whatever the reason, I am thankful for my mobility. 

While you won’t find me devoting a majority of my posts to work-outs or gym trips, here are a few of my favorite workout activities. One hour a day is all it takes to support a healthy lifestyle and keep that appetite ever ready for the delicious treats the day has in store.

–Spinning: 60 minutes on an advanced stationary bike, varying levels of intensity set to fast-paced music, calorie burning and muscle toning, you will sweat!

–Yoga [Bikram and Vinyasa] weirdly relaxing while kicking my butt backward and forward, great for toning and sculpting with blasts of elevated heart rates. Bikram is 90 minutes and hosted in a 105 degree room for an extra sweat cleanse

–Running: I used to run cross country and was pretty darn good, think varsity team in 8th grade and two year team captain. Then I gave it all up for three years. Recently I have gotten back into running bi-weekly with Chris and have since realized what kept me going all those years. Running = mental clarity Running= healthy competition Running = the good kind of burn

–Walking: Oh the overlooked benefits of walking! Toning, sculpting, and burning calories without notice. I love to stroll around the city all day taking in the sights. In fact I credit walking as my saving grace during my semester abroad.

–Pure Barre: This private gym class is too pricey for me to regularly attend, but whenever I have the cash flow, I am obsessed. Purre Barre incorporates small isometric holds and controlled movements to lift, sculpt, and tone those important areas of your body. Legs, Butt, Abs, and Arms meet your match in this 55 minute long sequence. PB incorporates  a ballet bar into the mix too, so I feel like a ballerina even though I was never known for my grace.

–P90X: I completed this 90 day sequence and really did see results, toned abs, sculpted legs, strong arms. It can get annoying watching the same DVD’s and some of the moves are very high impact, but overall, for an at-home exercise I am a fan. I still pop in a dvd from time to time and regularly complete the 15 minute Ab circuit.

So next time you read about something crazy decadent I ate, just remember, I probably punched out an hour at the gym that morning, or at least walked a half hour that day. It’s not all cookies and cake around here……I wish.


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