I am a Silly Goose

Yesterday I wrote a little Nashville restaurant round-up spotlighting the best of the best in my precious hometown. I was pretty proud of the end result, even rewarded myself by whipping up a batch of apple-sauce drop cookies to celebrate.

Then the dinner hour rolled around and my tummy began to grumble. 1 hour later, my mother and I were sitting at the bar inside of The Silly Goose restaurant on Eastland Avenue is East Nashville, watching the chefs hard at work preparing beautifully plated and equally tasty apps, entrees, and desserts.

I’m a silly goose for not trying The Silly Goose sooner!

The space itself is small with long communal tables and private tables as well as a bar that seats 5. The lighting is dim and the whole restaurant has that puzzlingly industrial and yet cozy feel to it. The kitchen is actually part of the restaurant itself. There is no hiding for the team of chefs. They work as we watch. Sitting at the bar offers prime views of these masters at work. Mom and I loved watching them prep and plate each and every dish with such confidence and speed.

It was hard to decide what to order here. The Silly Goose is all about local, organic, and wholesome. Certainly the head chef has a talent for unique flavor profiles and pairings. Nothing on this menu is in the least bit expected or ordinary.

To start we ordered The Flower Shop, an assortment of roasted mushrooms, black pepper mascarpone, and artichokes with a scrumptious walnut pesto and mustard pinot noir emulsion.  The dish itself opens like a blooming flower, too!

For my entree, I chose the Dorothy Bailey salad, a mix of arugula, flat brea, roasted beets, caramelized onion compote, and goat milk feta cheese. I loved making little sandwiches using the flatbread provided. Simple ingredients, intense flavors, the way a good meal should be.

Mom had The Hustler, a greek yogurt marinated chicken served grilled and skewered atop a bed of seasoned, warm lentils. She didn’t leave a single bite behind so I assume this was some finger-licking chicken, y’all!

We managed to pass on dessert though the aptly names Sex (an exploration of all things chocolate) was certainly tempting.

My goose is now on the loose, counting down the weeks until I am back again.

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