A Homecoming

Why good evening, New York City, did you miss me those last five weeks? You must have-in fact, that’s why you decided to roll out the ole white carpet, even more special than the red, a blanket of fresh snow, this winter’s first, just for me. You’re so kind. You really shouldn’t have.


Never mind that the airplane had to fly over Virginia for 45 extra minutes due to LGA ground holds. Never mind that the shuttle ride home took two hours instead of the normal one. Traffic at 3pm on a Saturday is fine. Never mind that it is now a balmy 20 degrees. Never mind that when I walked to Whole Foods to grab dinner because I was too lazy to cook my nose went numb and my eyes cried icy tears. Going to the gym at 7am is going to be rough in this weather. Hell, going anywhere is something to be proud of.

Oh, New York, you missed me, you really missed me!

photo credit: Chris Layda

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