Adventures in the Kitchen

It was a cold and humdrum Sunday, the kind of Sunday that called for pajamas and movies all day long. t was not a day for adventure, per se, but sometimes the unexpected happens and a quest drops into your lap like an overturned bowl of popcorn in a scary movie. Debating what to make for lunch this week, and looking into the fridge at a carton of eggies, my heart skipped a beat. A light bulb turned on and I knew what had to be done!

The mission: egg salad, but healthy

The ingredients:

4 hard-boiled eggs

1 tbsp mayo

2 tbsp greek yogurt

chopped celery and carrots

1/4 c. parsley

s + p to tasteThe process {adapted from The Food Network]

Boil eggs first then cut them up into smaller chunks. Mix eggs with mayo, yogurt, and mustard. Add in diced veggies and parsley before giving a sprinkle of salt and pepper and finishing with a good, long stir

Sunday adventures of the culinary persuasion- and the verdict?

Eggcellent in taste……but pretty ugly to photograph! Taste trumps luckily.

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