My Coffee, My Blog Roll,


Image by @Doug88888 via Flickr

I can’t live without my coffee in the morning. It’s a simple ritual. I prepare the coffee pot the night before for my two cups. After my run, I press the green button, hop in the shower, and re-emerge to freshly brewed liquid heaven.

I drink my coffee black, usually, unless I am feeling special. Then I add a little milk.

I am one of those people who doesn’t feel complete without the coffee routine. 

But my coffee habit got me to thinking this morning….is there anything else I must do in order to see my day off to a good start? At first I thought “no” just the caffeine….but then a light bulb went off ( I must note this was after cup # 1 proof that it does work miracles!)

The morning blogroll: That’s right, a girl needs something to do while she sips, right?! For me, these few minutes are my precious time to check in on the blog world, see what’s what, who’s who, this and that and then some.

Here is a list of the blogs I can’t seem to say away from:

Serious Eats : my go-to Mecca for all things food related, from gossip, to recipes, to restaurant reviews, to travel, this site has IT all, and the photos are just drool-worthy.

A Cup of Jo : What an adorable lady with such a lovely voice and a range of content from motherhood, to fashion, to city date ideas, to food, love her, love the blog.

Joy the Baker : She makes me laugh while simultaneously itching to bake

The Edible Perspective : This lady lives such a healthy life and takes stunning pictures. I base my dreams of living out west on her little slice of the CO landscape.

Smith and Ratliff : I wish I were this cool of an NYC couple. I wish I rode bikes and cooked fancy food and took day trips with my boyfriend. I am jealous.

Big Girls Small Kitchen : Great site for my honest life- accessible recipes at affordable prices and written with wit and enthusiasm to boot

PB Fingers : Julie, the blogger here, is just gosh darn cute. I especially love her do at home workout plans.

The Satorialist : Because one day I will actually have the energy to wake up and dress like these people and then I will have my picture taken but will be too cool to even realize it or check the website anymore

Kath Eats : Simple concept, three meals a day = three posts a day, genius implementation.  I feel like I know this lady because I have been checking in on her for over a year. Is that creepy? Ok maybe…but I am not worried about it. Plus her recipes are yummy.


3 thoughts on “My Coffee, My Blog Roll,

  1. Great blogroll! did you see Joy the Baker’s feature in the new Food & Wine? Her recipes looked ah-mazing (as usual).

    thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

    P.S. In skimming your blog I saw you went to Jeni’s in Nashville. That is the BEST ice cream in the world. 🙂

    • so true story: started my first day if a new food-related internship and guess what came in the mail, a few line of jeni’s flavors which we all “had to try” for work purposes. dream world.

      I have seen Joy’s new feature and oh my god, I was dying.


  2. Thank you for sharing all these blogs. I am going to print these and start looking at some of them during my morning coffee HOUR. Thank God for coffee. It is my “Start Your Engines” – GO!

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