New Job

Today I started a new job. I had the whole butterflies in my tummy, uneasy slumber reaction leading up to the launch. On the walk from the subway to the office I had time to snap a few pictures of my new neighborhood.

The shining sun and fresh, crisp air calmed me nerves just enough to make it in the door without breaking a sweat. When I was sent on a mission to procure ice cream sundae toppings, and track down the perfect chocolate dessert from a beautiful bakery, Dominique Ansel, I knew I was going to like the new job. By 4pm, the co-workers and I were testing ice cream and simultaneously wishing our co-worker a happy birthday. Yes, this is a job. This is what they call research. Ice cream professionals even came in to taste with us, and we all dished out our opinions at the end of the mini-digestion series.

Thanks Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams for sending over your full line (How ironic that I have previously raved about Jeni’s seeing as Nashville boasts Jeni’s only none-Ohio location and on day one of new internship we end up enjoying Jeni’s yet again: small world)! Goat Cheese and Cognac Fig is go back for seconds and thirds and the whole pint good. Other highlights included Icelandic Happy Marriage Cake (no idea what this name refers to but this frozen yogurt is tasty) and Black Coffee.

I made it home by 6:30, in one piece, and smiling. I purposely made sure to have leftovers from Monday and Tuesday night’s meals just in case the new job had a few tricks up its sleeve. It didn’t. But a reheated repeat of Monday was reliably tasty round for round #2, maybe even more so, all those juices a-simmering.

You would think that with a food-related job I wouldn’t have room for dinner. However, I am happy to confirm that while a day at my new job does involve eating, the portions are tiny. Quality over quantity-well that and no one can work if they stuff themselves all day long! Though I tried a fair share of ice cream flavors, I doubt the amount consumed even equaled a small scoop. It was truly a have your cake and eat it too kind of a day.

3 thoughts on “New Job

  1. Ummm… our job involves tasting Jeni’s?! I think you have my dream job. Did you get the pear sorbet thing? I loved that one. And the spicy peanut butter one. I’m counting down the days until I get back to Nashville!

  2. Sarah,
    What exactly is your job? I love your writing about anything, by the way. I also heard of something called EMealz from Dave Ramsey’s book Entreleadership. Do you know about them? Very empowering story. Much love. E

  3. Every day of your seems to be a “have your cake and eat it too” day. I love your world and I am so excited about your new job. So glad you are a happy girl.

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