Pizza Party

Sometimes friday nights are best celebrated with a couple of slices of takeout pizza followed by a television show marathon in your jammies in the bed with the boy you love.

Two Boots Pizza, with various outposts around the city, delivers a solid by the slice option. For the veggies out there, the Earth Mother, a whole wheat sicilian crust with 5 veggiesand the Vegan, with artichokes and daiya cheese, are excellent candidates (though my slice was a bit over-cooked last night). There is also the stand-up Bella, a pizza-fied version of the classic creamy spinach artichoke dip with a cayenne kick. For meat-eaters, Chris goes crazy for The Bird, a buffalo chicken and blue cheese slice, and The Newman, nice sauasagey white pizza with a slight pepper kick. Sometimes the pizza is a bit less fresh and other times, it is straight out of the oven. It’s hit or miss, but when you’re lazy and hungry and craving some ‘za, Two Boots is a sure-fire success.


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