Meet My Kitchen

So this is post # 1 of a series I am starting today. Without further adieu, let us play “Meet My Kitchen!”

Being a college student and small apartment dweller has its serious limitations in the big, wide world of the kitchen. Capital and space are major constraints for this chef. Luckily, humans adapt to their environments, thanks evolution! Since moving to NYC and beginning my cooking career, I have learned how to create delicious week-day meals for under $5 in a space barely big enough for two people. Where there is a will, there is a way, and my growling stomach constitutes one serious will!!

Meet my kitchen utensil # 1:  Joseph Joseph Elevate Carousel with ToolsJoseph Joseph, a leader in innovative pitch technology is a god-send. This heavenly product not only conserves space, it also promotes proper hygiene through eliminating the old “putting the spoon covered in spaghetti sauce on the counter” move I am no stranger to. The carousel itself spins for easy access and its lightweight design makes transporting it  a cinch. Plus, I am a sucker for color. I live in a city prone to drab days. These fun hues pop in my little kitchen lab, making me smile even in the midst of a tricky recipe! I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to minimize mess, maximize space, and do so in style!

*Thanks to Ed, Lo, and Becky for the lovely MoMa gift card with which we purchases this nifty gadget*

What about you? What space-saving tools do you use?

Disclaimer: I am writing these posts out of my own desire. I was not asked to represent or review any of the following products. All opinions are sole my own.


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