Meet My Kitchen #2: Miracles and Milkshakes

Kitchen technology blows my mind. Perhaps this is the side-effect of having existed for the majority of my college years on a barebones kitchen repertoire, but these new goodies I have seem nothing short of kitchen miracles.

It’s time for Meet My Kitchen #2: Cuisinart CSB-77 Smart Stick Hand Blender 






This little beauty aids in the blending of drinks, purees, soups, and cake mixes just to name a few. I imagine a perfect plate of scrambled eggs has its start with my Cusinart hand blender. Its fine design allows for blending right in the pot or in the attached blending beaker, plus I feel oh so scientific, like a crazy mad scientist, when I take to the kitchen with the blending stick in my hand. It’s amazing how one tool can really revolutionize the whole way I think about cooking. I feel like Pandora’s box has been opened and the world just ain’t ready for the blending creativity I am about to unleash. Thanks Susan for the awesome gift, love you!

Seeing as Sunday evenings are always a little sad, I figured it was the perfect moment for a milkshake. Chris agreed.

Step 1: scoop the ice cream chocolate brownie explosion for me

Step 2: Add the milk

Step 3: Blend

Step 4: Mind the mess

Step 5: Time to clean…use your tongue?! We conserve in this household!


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