Baby’s Day Out

Big day for me: I woke up super early and was actually mega productive on my thesis. I got some good news I was waiting on. And the Serious Eats community has been given the opportunity to meet me via this post.

Yesterday I ran in to a celeb and held a conversation with him. Today my mug is featured on a site I have been following since I was 19.

I feel like Hollywood isn’t that far away…..

minus this weather.


Cardio Circuits Can Be Fun!

Each week I am lucky enough to write for Small Kitchen College, one of my favorite little lifestyle sites with a heavy leaning towards the culinary. It’s such fun, love being part of the talented SKC community. Anyway ,my last post for the site dealt with how to stay fit indoors, featuring a little cardio at home workout I do when it’s rainy, snowy, windy, or I’m just feeling lazy. Shocker, I know, as I tend to feature the edible, but my life is actually a nice little balancing act. This circuit is a doozy of a set, always leaves me sweating, and wanting cookies. Proceed with care!

Oh Hey, Matthew Broderick: The Tell-Tale Signs of A Food-Obsessive

Tuesday afternoons beg for a break from the rigors of my normal 9-6 work schedule. I met T for a little afternoon snack at the legendary City Bakery in Greenwich Village (famous not only for the amazing goodies they serve but also for being a familiar Sex in the City spot for Carrie and the gals). I had it all planned out. I would get a shot size of the hot chocolate of the day along with a buttery, salty pretzel croissant, a bread in a league of its own in this venerable bread-baking city of ours. I fantasized about this little pick-me-up all day long (and all last night as well). Continue reading

Workplace Bonus

I can’t help but think about life after college. I spend and unnatural amount of time surfing job boards and career sites. I have applied to a million bajillion listings encompassing a range of professions I am both qualified and not exactly qualified but energetic about.  Let’s be realistic, I am open to just about anything.

I do, however have a few criteria. Continue reading

Better than Cake for Breakfast

I went to bed later than normal last night thanks to Mr. Oscar. I still can’t believe the great successes of The Artist….seems somewhat gimmicky to me!

Surprisingly I woke up feeling ready for the day. I blame the massive amounts of popcorn in my belly or the cheerful sunlight streaming in my window. Either way I seized the momentum and sprang out of bed at 7:15. Within 5 minutes [yes I am a QUICK preparer] I was out the door and jogging my way towards Central Park. It was a normal 5 mile run today with a few surges up the two big hills and a nice coll-down jog back to the apartment, followed by a 15 minute ab set. No big deal, just super fit.

The prize for my bright-eyed bushy-tailed demeanor? Breakfast

Overnight Oats may well be the tastiest way to start your day. Continue reading