It’s the little things

I wanted to surprise Chris, who has been working so hard, too hard, these last few weeks. I wanted him to be greeted from another 10+ hour day in the office by the smell of cooking baking. There is really nothing more comforting than that, reminds me of grandma’s house and Christmas and everything that’s right with the world. It does not remind me of overtime at work.I found this recipe for snicker doodles online and seeing as I had all the ingredients, and a love of anything cinnamon related, I set to work. I stuck to the original recipe except that I halved it. Here were my proportions:

Chris got home before the cookies were out of the oven and after a quick hug, he asked, “what smells so good?!” At which point my timer went off and out came these beautiful little pockets of yum. Mission accomplished.

I suppose it’s the little things that make the big differences.

What are your favorite cookies to bake? 

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