Let’s discuss celebration.

Now that’s a word I like. It just rolls right off the tongue. Let’s try it together, for good measure.

Celebration! Celebration! Celebration!

More often than not, celebration entails new foods, classic foods, or a right nice combination of both. For example, birthdays mean ice cream and cake. Christmas means cookies. New Years Eve means fancy schmancy restaurant fare. I have no issue with the mutual relationship between food and fun that punctuates my life. I see no problem with it, in fact I revel in it. Continue reading


Dip It Real Good

Do you ever have those kinds of weekends where all you seem to do is snack? Forget the whole three meals a day business the rest of the world operates around. Throw routine out the door. Pull on the sweatpants with the elastic waistbands, pop in Titanic or some other 3+ hours sage of the ages, and get ready for a real arm workout. I’m talking about hand in bowl to mouth repeat drills Homer Simpson style, y’all!

O.K. that was a tad dramatic. I didn’t snack my weekend away. In fact, I was pretty busy as referenced by

1. Honeymoon Booked

2. Bacon party

3. Hard Sunday Run

but in between all of that jazz, I did sneak in some snack-centric recipes I’d been dying to whip up for ages now. Recipe tasting obviously followed.

Cookie Dough Dip

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