Let’s discuss celebration.

Now that’s a word I like. It just rolls right off the tongue. Let’s try it together, for good measure.

Celebration! Celebration! Celebration!

More often than not, celebration entails new foods, classic foods, or a right nice combination of both. For example, birthdays mean ice cream and cake. Christmas means cookies. New Years Eve means fancy schmancy restaurant fare. I have no issue with the mutual relationship between food and fun that punctuates my life. I see no problem with it, in fact I revel in it.Which is why, at the slightest mention of an extraordinary occurrence, I jump at the chance for a mini, yes you guess it, CELEBRATION.

Yesterday, Chris got some good news. On the way home, I walked out of my way to a little coffee shop to pick up something neither of us had ever tasted, something rumored to be subtle, sophisticated, and worthy of a second trip. And to think I have passed by this bakery probably a hundred times since I got wind of the in-house goodies the crew has baking. I had been meaning to pop in, especially after a favorable review from the Serious Eats team. The offer presented itself loudly yesterday night, and the dutiful girlfriend (and food fanatic) in me seized it at long last.

Made in-house at O Cafe in Greenwich Village, the Pao de Mel is a dense honey cake studded with walnuts and nutmeg flavor. Dipped in dark chocolate, this dessert is not for the flavor-shy. It reminded us of a more adult ginger-snap but with a slightly sweeter after-taste.

And before we knew it, the celebration was over. Nary a crumb was left behind (we licked them up!).

Luckily next week is a double whammy in the party down calendar. Bring on the treats. Let’s celebrate.

1 thought on “Honeycake

  1. You look so pretty. Wish I had been there for the pizza, and I am sure it was great, but I agree , food tastes better with those we love.

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