Pass the Pizza

Ain’t no party like a pizza friend party cuz a pizza friend party never stop (until the clock strikes 10pm and then it’s hasta la vista because we have work tomorrow. oh real life)

Tonight was a marvelous Tuesday, a Tuesday out of the ordinary, a Tuesday like no other.

This Tuesday was full of great friends, and simple food in our cozy apartment. Conversation was light + Food was filling = Happiness all around.

On the menu: spinach, pepper, olive pizza and an avocado, tomato, feta side salad. 

This was no doozy of a recipe, just an exercise in assembly (and mighty fine grocery shopping skills) really: Trader Joe’s whole wheat dough, TJ’s pizza sauce, TJ’s mozzarella, and the aforementioned toppings baked at 450 for 15 minutes.

I’ll keep this post short, like the evening itself. Here’s my closing remark: food shared amongst friends tastes soooo much better.



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