Am I a Monster?

I am a monster!

I am a cookie monster.

I have decided that cookies are one of my favorite things ever. And guess what, I am not even picky. I like chocolate chip. I like peanut butter. I like oatmeal. I like crunchy cookies. I like chewy cookies. I like just out of the oven warm and melty. I like a few days old dunked in milk still delicious. I can even dig a bag of Famous Amos from a vending machine, if you must know the truth.

This leads me to my next point:

Cookies are magnificent.

I have a counter point to add:

Cookies made by masters are truly a wonder of this modern-day world.

Enter Dorrie Greenspan. Perhaps you know her? She’s only written 10 cookbooks, won numerous James Beard awards, and served under legendary Julia Child back in the day. Plus. Mrs. G has a fabulous food blog and life chronicle, writing with such poise and clarity I feel like I practically next to her.

These days, Dorrie and her son, Josh, run CookieBar, an online cookie bakery and spontaneous pop-up shop outpost where the Greenspan’s showcase their cookie power in its purest form.

For Valentine’s Day, this mother son dynamo team sold their classic favorites as well as new surprises to eager customers in the NYC area. A few co-workers made a trip to visit and ever so kindly returned with one of each of these cookies. I have never had a cookie with such a remarkable consistency. The molasses spice cookies are chewy, slightly spicy, and melt in your mouth must take another. The sables, Dorrie’s version of the traditional shortbread, is just as it should be, rich and buttery, crumbly and delicate, just plain good. The signature World Peace cookies make me want to stop everything and lay down on the floor in pure bliss. Rich dark chocolate with fleur de del, why yes I do enjoy such a combination, who doesn’t. The heart-shaped valentine’s inspired butter cookies were just as great as the sables, with a grainy fruit preserve in the center, adding a playful layer amidst an already solid base.

I don’t expect to wake up a platter of cookies on February 14th and that is quite all right. But if, by some stroke of good luck, such a thing does come to pass, well, I wouldn’t complain.

No-one complains while eating cookies!


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