Bacon on the Bowery

The newly opened Bowey Dinner reminds me of walking into an Anthropolgie turned eatery:

The bright colors contrast against paler hues, the retro-chic decor, the vintage feel.

The Serious Eats gang and I went to celebrate some happy news. We arrived hungry.

On the table all to share: one reuben with side salad, one patty melt with a side of fries, one stack on plain pancakes, one bowl of clam chowder, one order of confit duck hash, side of every in-house made meat (bacon, thick-cut bacon, Canadian bacon etc.), and a milkshake for the table, of course!

The pancakes alone were mediocre at best, but when used as a vehicle for the specialty syrups (butterscotch, fudge, passion fruit) and house-made frozen custard, these tender discs became nothing short of spectacular.

The meats were here and there said my dining companions. The traditional bacon was a hit, the thick-cut was a no-go. Overall, the meats were quality, or so I heard (the downside of vegetarianism is the ambiguity)

The duck confit hash, complete with two sunny side eggs on top, well that was something to go back for. The gang finished the plate. Crispy fried potato wedges dripping in duck rendering and yolky goodness, yes this is hangover-cure or major hunger pangs crisis solution at its finest.

The clam chowder was fishy, really fishy. We didn’t eat much.

The burger and reuben got favorable reviews, and I can vouch for the fries, oh my can I vouch for the fries–not too fat, not too thin, slightly chewy, slightly crispy, perfectly salted. They didn’t need any help from the condiment brigade but the dijon mustard and spicy mayo were delicious so I ate them. The custard was delightfully indulgent perched atop my little fry baby.

The espresso milkshake we six-way split was the highlight of the meal. The heavy whipped cream, lacking in sugary sweetness paired perfectly with the rich, dense, coffee custard. The secret here is that damn custard, that incredible custard. This shake was so thick you needed a spoon, yet so addictive you couldn’t bear to take the time to actually use the utensil. I cannot wait to visit again and sample from their exciting menu of frozen treats.

We were too full for a true dessert. Instead I finished my meal with a pickle wedge and a few last-minute sips of my bubbly.

As we exited onto the rather industrial Bowery, laughing at the donuts in the case, I 100% fell in love with this internship and all the people involved. I have finally found a bunch I can go out to eat with that as every bit as discerning and food-eccentric as I am, and yet are still relatable and down-to-earth, too. Plus, anyone that loves a good milkshake as much as I do is a friend indeed.

We left full.


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