Valentine’s Day GALa

Valentine’s Day can be polarizing. I have a fiancée to share in the cornball Hallmark lovey-dovey business. My best friend does not. My other girlfriend does. My other lady friend does not. It’s this or that all the way down the line. I already take issue with the immense polarization that occurs between friends when relationships begin. Everyone is so afraid of being the third wheel (as if such thing could even exist!). I know I am not going to invite a friend out with the boy and I if we plan on mashing faces all day long. PDA is not my idea of a fun weekend, and certainly not an activity the requires added company, or at least not for us…..








My freshmen year roommate, Sarah, and her two amazing flatmates, Celia, and Nicole, hosted a Valentine’s Day GALa, as I would phrase it. This elegant girls-only brunch party celebrated all the wonderful things about February 14th and none of the stupid particularities that people get wrapped up in. There were pink and white heart banners decorating their chic apartment. They were mason jars filled with heart-shaped sugary candies dotting the apartment. The dining room table was spread wide with goodies. We had finger foods galore: little cucumber cheese sandwiches, red velvet and vanilla cupcakes, strawberries and home-made whipped cream, tomato and spinach frittata, banana bread, and scones with jam. A fully stocked bar of tea, mimosas, coffee, and juices accompanied the pleasant table’s offerings. I couldn’t have asked for anything more and wouldn’t have expected anything less from the ladies.

I served myself a sampling plate with a small portion of everything and then doubled back for more fruit and cream + candy. I use silly holidays as an excuse to eat too much processed crap. Am I an opurtunist?

We chit-chatted about everything and anything, yes boys included, then took girly pictures before possibly hitting the buffet line for last call.

I left the GALa a little heavier than when I walked in. There was a nice dusting of sugar particles on the front of my dress, a sign of success.

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