Breakfast By Best-Friends

My best friend Cristina and her roommate, Kenzie, were obviously channeling the Tp Chef juices with this one:

Bacon, egg, tomatoes, onions, arugula, shredded Parmesan, and s+p on Pretzel Baguette

With an ingredient round-up like that, there is no margin of error. I guess that’s what I like most about food preparation. It’s simple. Take one delicious thing and add in a few others and voila, you have yourself perfection on a plate. It’s not rocket science, it’s just cooking!

Now I don’t eat meat, but I can totally imagine subbing in pan-fried tofu or tempeh to take Bacon’s place. Some aged cheddar and blue cheese would do the trick. Heck, I even bet a nice ripe avocado would work.

This recipe has a lot of wiggle room and I can just about guarantee wherever you take it will be more than just satisfying. I bet you’ll want to lick your plate clean (and I won’t judge you for it!).


3 thoughts on “Breakfast By Best-Friends

  1. I love how most of my favorite recipes call for delicious yet simple ingredients. Some of the best meals I’ve ever eaten are simple, nutritious and delicious.

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