Grand Deal at Grandaisy

After a long morning walk, Chris and I were in need of some hot coffee and a little breakfast pick me up. We stumbled into Grandaisy in the 72nd neighborhood.

It was the best decision we have ever made, and we haven’t stopped talking about it since.

The Pizza Bianca, a pleasantly fluffy foccacia bread with aged pecorino and olive oil folded in, is by far the best NYC bakery bread I have ever tasted. Studded with sea salt and rosemary and hot out of the oven, it is easy to tear through an entire loaf and still want more. This bread is bubbly and flakey, crispy and crumby, soft and chewy. It remindsme of my life in Paris turned American.

As if that wasn’t enough, a half-loaf is only $1.75. A supreme deals always sweetens the taste



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