Hit the Ground Running

Some weekends are full of small bites. Weekends when you finally have your boyfriend back and the city feels as big as ever and there is no stopping you, those are the kinds of weekends I like best. That unlimited metro card is burning a hole in your pocket and there aren’t enough hours in the day. You wake up ready to pound the pavement You don’t stop until it’s already the next day.

Bubble tea is always delicious after a nice dinner. Those little tapioca balls are treasures in gummy form.

You can do fun things with them too, like corral them before slurping them up one by one. Or imagine they are tadpoles swimming in your cup. Or blow them at street signs, giggle, and then run.

Saturday afternoons calls for snacks, warm and salty. The cheese fry is a smart choice.

Unless the cheese fry is subpar-more chemical-tasting than cheese-like atop a bed of wilted, overly greased slivers they call potatoes. Oh well, laugh, take a few pictures, and then eat them, because let’s face it, Cheez-wiz is delicious in that “I have no idea what I am eating” kind of way. And its weekend. And you have your best friend back, and a humongos city to explore, and no shit cheese fry can hinder that momentum.


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