Snack Sneak

Movie theater dates just beg for lawlessness. Last time I checked $5 for popcorn and another $5 for a drink puts the tab at $10 and I always want candy. I just cannot warrant spending $15 or more for dark room eats, on top of the always climbing ticket prices. I just cannot watch a move without my snacks either. It’s a rock and a hard place kind of situation.

Luckily, there is always the timeless snack sneak. 

1. Leave house with backpack

2. Head to Fairway Grocery.

3. Put on game face.

4. Fight crowds of old people, mothers, and tourists as you head to the second floor chips aisle.

5. Grab a bag of Fairway salted popcorn for $1.29. This stuff is amazing, perfect level of salt, not greasy, and somehow tastes just popped fresh even though it’s assuredly not.

6. Pick out an accompanying beverage (I love Ginger Ale) and a chocolate bar (I like Fairway dark chocolate snowcaps).

7. Check out-use upstairs registers, smaller lines/

8. Stuff goods in backpack.


9. Stuff face with sneaky snacks when the movie begins.

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