Jump Over the Counter

Bagels and Bananas-they may be the finest two breakfast foods on the planet, hell in the universe even.

Nothing says “Hey, it’s a monday and I am not at work!” like a good old-fashioned warm bagel and cream cheese sandwich with a side of banana and peanut-butter. This especially rings true if this glory of a meal is eaten after 11am in pajamas.

Now I let on more than is true. I was actually up at 8:45 to make a 9:30am spin class but really that just sweetened the deal. I spun up quite an appetite and stopping into the classic Tal Bagels in my neighborhood was quite the exercise in self-restraint; I almost jumped over the counter and grabbed a dozen fresh bagels and a tub of two of cream cheese, probably a muffin and a turnover while I was at it.

Luckily, I held off on going postal and shuffled my way through the line. Everything bagel for the boy, pumpernickel with tofu cream cheese for me.

I ran home, like literally sprinted clutching my paper sack full of fluffy, melt in your mouth, crispy yet chewy breakfast breads. It was a quick and windy 5 blocks and made the whole act of consumption taste that much better. I think we have found our new go-to bagelry in the ‘hood, might be better than Murray’s and certainly a superior leap above the supermarket bagels we shamelessly indulge in from time to time..


3 thoughts on “Jump Over the Counter

  1. I seem to always read your blog at bedtime-not a good idea-I have already brushed my teeth, but I think I am going to go have a banana with peanut butter.

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