Snacking at The Smith

The Smith, a modern and trendy bar/ restaurant in the East Village, has been on my list of “must-try” eateries since Freshmen year when I sadly missed out on a girls brunch date due to goodness knows what. I pass by this restaurant all too often but have somehow never made it in.

That has now changed. I have been to The Smith and I can confidently say I will be back, oh I will be back.The space itself is cute, kind-of kitchen shabby-chic, with tile flooring and dark wood hues, booths and small tables, plus a large bar. The menu itself is playful, traditional bar food inspired but in the best way possible, as if the chefs chose the finest American boozing’ accompaniments and amped em up a few notches using their culinary prowess. Some of the offerings include mac-n-cheese, house-made chips with blue cheese fondue, beer-battered green beans, and bacon-wrapped apricots etc. It can be overwhelming for a straight-up lover of all things fried and hearty. I was able to make a choice, a fine choice at that.

Baked pretzels with house-made honey mustard.

The pretzels were perfectly warm and salty, chewy on the inside, slightly crispy on the edges, and the honey mustard had a slight almost horseradish kick. YUM. It was the perfect midday snack and when paired with a side-order ofgarlic spinach, I left feeling ideal, not full, not hungry, and ready for a re-visit!


2 thoughts on “Snacking at The Smith

  1. I can’t say how cool I feel because I have been to the Smith as well! The brunch is to die for (french toast + hashbrowns), the mac n cheese is criminal, and I had a bomb-diggity cocktail that I now can’t remember the name. Something British? Anyway. I will visit you. And we will return to Smith hand-in-hand.

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