I’m a Wanderer

It’s been a busy week, literally had plans every night since Saturday. Needless to say I am looking forward to a quiet Friday evening, maybe a diner dinner with Chris or some simple home cooking, heck maybe even take-out in bed, a few movies, and some long nights of slumber. That sleep is really sounding sweet.

Now don’t get me wrong, we have had fun, maybe too much fun. Bingo last night, pancakes on Tuesday, yoga on Monday….Thursdays are for jazz. Jazz time in the Village, yes I am an adult.My dear friend Gwen sang a few lovely numbers with a talented group of performers at the new Vagabond Cafe. Chris and I watched from our high-top in the back where we enjoyed a yummy garden salad for her (loved the dressing!) and a “meat-candy” panini for him (a BLT in essence). Both choices were delicious and at prices so cheap, we almost felt like we were getting away with something sinister. We got a couple of drinks to accompany the meal and the music, nothing like fine tunes and a fine drink to set the mood.

It was a relaxing and atmospheric evening. I almost wanted to snap instead of clap for the band. Instead I “ow ow-ed” my Gwennie as loudly as I could, just to keep it classy. You know how I do!

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