Shamrock Shake

Shamrock Shake! Shamrock Shake! Shamrock Shake!

Did you know that Mickey D’s releases this mint-infused vanilla milkshake in the month leading up to St. Patrick’s Day and has since 1970. Sure it’s only slightly minty, an experiment in artificiality, and the bright green color screams food-coloring, but this gimmick has inspired quite the cult-following. Up until this year, this green baby machine wasn’t even available at every McDonald’s, further proves that we Americans look a good gimmick, bonus points if involve exclusivity.I combed the internet archives scouring for information regarding this seasonal sip and discovered that the Shamrock Shake used to be served without the mound of whipped cream and bright red cocktail cherry that now comes standard. It appears that each year the shake becomes easier to procure is another year its customer satisfaction drops.

“More vanilla than mint”

“Half the milkshake is whipped cream”

“Who even likes maraschino cherries anyway?!”

As excited as I was to try my first Shamrock Shake (I’ve been chanting the name for days now, especially when in sight of those golden arches!) I must be 100% honest with you- I hated it! It didn’t taste minty at all. Instead it has an almost lime-infused aftertaste. The mint flavor was not thoroughly mixed, instead I got a hit of mint here and there. I even found the vanilla shake flavor to be lacking. The only saving grace was the rich redi-whip whipped cream on top because there is no way to mess that up, after-all.

Then I dropped my shake all over the kitchen floor. It was an accident…..or the milkshake god’s way of expressing their opinion of this St Patty’s Day disaster.

Next time I’ll stick to Strawberry.


3 thoughts on “Shamrock Shake

  1. I’ve been drinking the Shamrock shake since the late 1960’s, they were invented at a Connecticut McDonalds BTW, and yes the quality of the shakes have gone down. I used to work at Mickey D’s as a teenager and each shake flavor had it’s separate spout/mix. Now it’s just one spout and the vanilla ice cream gets mixed with the syrup. Depending on the maintenance of the machine depends on how good the shakes are. This year I got a REALLY good shake.

      • Actually in hindsight it’s actually a very organized system of checks and balances. They have procedures for everything (not that every location has managers that adhere to them). You develop a good work ethic “If you can lean, you can clean” I guess I even worked there a year in college, breakfast crew, which was nice because it’s mainly regulars.

        Have to remember it was the 1980’s though, a lot has changed. Don’t know if they make biscuits from scratch anymore. We used to crack real eggs for the Egg McMuffins and at first we toasted our buns. I miss that. Quality has really gone down I think and the prices have really gone up.

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