Beer Hauling it

I just don’t love beer. I never have. There was a brief moment at a certain frat party during my Freshmen year of college that I decided I could tolerate the taste of some Bud Light keg type beer and drank a few too many. I woke up the next day on a couch in a dorm room wearing my tennis shoes and clutching my bicycle helmet. I puked all day.

I spent yesterday at a Beer Garden. I know, I know, this makes no sense. Why would I, so far from beer aficionado, choose to watch the afternoon go by from the innards of a giant warehouse dedicated to a main attraction I find somewhat repulsive. You only get one Saturday a week; the venue from which I spent mine would seem to be somewhat ill-chosen for the likes of, well, me.

WRONG. Yesterday was a magnificent Saturday, the kind of Saturday that sets the precedent for all other Saturdays- one of those afternoons you want to repeat again and again for the rest of forever. And the reason for the sheer power behind yesterday was three-fold. Never mind the hurricane-like winds and the L train construction that made our commute a mess of transfers and waiting.1. Serious Eats World Meetup Day: New York Meetup took place at Radegast in Williamsburg. Quite a large turnout of SE followers, contributors, and fans showed up and took over the back room. Burgers, sausages, fries, pretzels, and beer were free-flowing. Kudos to my talented team and their associates for pulling off such a great event! Reason #100000000000 why my internship at SE is the best internship ever.

2. Burgers, sausages, fries, pretzels, four-types of mustard, sauerkraut.

The photos speak for themselves. Never before have I had such a buttery-soft, pretzel with the perfect amount of salt. This pretzel was the ultimate vehicle for the house-made mustards which were tempting enough to enjoy solo. The fries were thick and warm, certainly of the frozen persuasion, but cooked well enough to order again. The kraut was delicious, slightly less pungent than its German forefather, but with flavor strong enough to satisfy. And the pickles, well I am a pickle-fiend, so these were the cherry on top.

3. Ok, ok, I love photo pops with friends and co-workers. I love being in loud and crowded places because it makes me feel like I am part of something. I like meeting new people and seeing where conversation goes. I like introducing Chris. I like being introduced by Chris. I enjoy watching the hours of the afternoon magically tick by and not caring that day is turning to night because I am so happy to be where I am.

I like being in it.

 And I like second helpings of pretzels.


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