I used to sneak out of the closed-door of my bedroom and sit in the hallway, just out of the eye-sight my Father, sneaking glances at the glow of the TV screen. It was Oscar Sunday and I just had to see who would win.

Flash forward about 15 years and the Oscars are very bit as exciting, even without the appeal of the stealth mission or the strict bedtime regiment. It’s the pretty dresses, the funny speeches, the film montages. It’s the hosts antics, the musical performances, and the Hollywood stars. It’s that feeling that every movie brings. It’s pure entertainment and I love it.Confession # 1: Chris and I bought a television yesterday FOR THE OSCARS. [note: it was an “open item” as in someone returned it used to Best Buy therefore it was sold to us at a major discount price as in we are cheaply exorbitant, we admit].

Confession #2: We are currently sitting in a bed littered with empty plates, barren bowls, and slurped down milkshake cups. There are napkins and candy wrappers at my fingertips. We have a score-card sitting between us for our Oscar predictions. I am currently in the lead by 2 points, the wager on the table, a $5 treat of winner’s choice.

My belly is so full of popcorn I resemble a pregnant woman. Chris’s teeth are probably dissolving from the copious amount of ginger chews he has consumed. This is the way the Oscars should be.

Confession # 3: I love Billy Crystal.


One thought on “Oscar-Worthy

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