Oh Hey, Matthew Broderick: The Tell-Tale Signs of A Food-Obsessive

Tuesday afternoons beg for a break from the rigors of my normal 9-6 work schedule. I met T for a little afternoon snack at the legendary City Bakery in Greenwich Village (famous not only for the amazing goodies they serve but also for being a familiar Sex in the City spot for Carrie and the gals). I had it all planned out. I would get a shot size of the hot chocolate of the day along with a buttery, salty pretzel croissant, a bread in a league of its own in this venerable bread-baking city of ours. I fantasized about this little pick-me-up all day long (and all last night as well).As I waited in the bustling line I overheard two gentlemen behind me discussing what to get. Now normally I stay out of people’s conversations. I mind my own business. I keep my head down….unless food is involved.  You see, I am so passionate about food that I will allow my personal bubble to burst in order to interject my own important opinions into other peoples lives, even if this other people did not ask. Othis particular afternoon I just refused to keep myself to myself. It was a matter of life and death, as I saw it and  I could not allow these perfectly nice young men behind me to commit a crime against themselves and order anything but the best. I whipped around and said, “Have you ever been here before?” with an air of authority.

“Uh…..yes, I’ve been here,” one of the men replied. I looked up at him. I swallowed. It was Matthew Broderick, the husband of Sarah Jessica Parker who had, in fact, been to City Bakery no doubt thanks to her role as Carrie Bradshaw. If I blushed, I would have been the color of a beet.

Instead I took a breath and out of thin air produced a totally nonchalant facade.

“Order the chocolate chip cookie, straight-up, and a pretzel croissant. Share them both. Its’s salty and sweet and you won’t be disappointed.”

Matthew and his friend nodded and discussed amongst themselves, but audibly enough for me to hear.

Then Matthew said, “That does sound good. But why are we trusting her…..Why are we trusting you?” He repeated, looking at me playfully.

“I write about food,” I offered back with a smile before taking my little platter of goodies and disappearing.

Needless to say my buttery, light, salty pocket of perfection that is the pretzel croissant was enjoyed with the rich hot cocoa (with a ginger kick as ginger was the flavor in rotation today) by myself and my dining partner. I cannot wait to visit again. I will never forsake this holy duo. It confirms all that is right in the world and makes me think of rainbows and unicorns. Plus I love the sprinkling of sesame seeds and slight crunch of the pastry.

The best part of the afternoon however was not the flavor of the food-surprise, I know! Actually as Matthew was leaving (he happened to sit near me), he got my attention by waving then shot me a thumbs up with a this look of muted satisfaction, as if noting that we  shared some little secret.

Sometimes it pays to be a busy-body.

Sometimes it pays to take your food seriously.


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