Workplace Bonus

I can’t help but think about life after college. I spend and unnatural amount of time surfing job boards and career sites. I have applied to a million bajillion listings encompassing a range of professions I am both qualified and not exactly qualified but energetic about.  Let’s be realistic, I am open to just about anything.

I do, however have a few criteria.

1. Pay-I have to be paid something. Girl’s gotta eat.

2. Creativity- I want to be expected to exercise some.

3. Challenge- I’m not asking for every day to be tough, but every now and then I want to face a work-place dilemma and rise to the occasion. I sort of live for the post-accomplishment high

4. Commitment- I expect my coworkers and supervisors to be committed to the company and I, too, will exercise workplace loyalty. This means I can’t take a job campaigning for Newt Gingrich, on principle.

5. Treats- I want a job that offers surprises, every once in a while anyway. Breakfast on fridays….pizza parties…lunch meetings.

My Fiancee works for a famous architect in the city. This, of course, comes with its fair share of hard work. But every now and again, this work is rewarded by CAKE as described by my fiancee. I have never tried pannetone but I saw it in every Italian bakery and always contemplated buying a hunk.

“This is a popular pastry my boss likes to give us. It’s called panettone and it looks like a gigantic cupcake. It’s very soft fluffy sweet cake/bread with raisins! Yum!”

My future employer better serve me some pannetone. I have logical reason for writing this outside of my insatiable appetite. I want to work somewhere that is big on community and community usually means parties and parties always involve food! You see, my request is really quite humble, for the good of the people. for the good of morale, for the good of workplace environment. People work harder with a belly full of deliciousness.

1 thought on “Workplace Bonus

  1. These are all wonderful things to look for in a job! I’ve initiated some food perks at jobs – panini parties, potlucks…people love it and you get what you want even if it’s not already happening 🙂

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