Messy Meals

I decided to go wild and crazy. I decided to take things in the dinner department back to school cafeteria circa 1996. I went with sloppy joe’s. Does anyone else remember that golden MK & Ashley movie, It Takes Two, with Steve Guttenberg, in which the spoiled rich twin has never had a sloppy joe. When presented with this heap of steaming gooey goodness on a bun she goes bananas. The girl chows down like some kind of feral animal. It was probably my favorite movie for a solid year, this scene included. My own sloppy joe passion skyrocketed. I could not be silenced. My lovely mamma, who had never made the rather unrefined sandwiches for our family, took pity on my kitchen inaptitude and decided to rotate in the joe’s in place of the normal Sunday taco lunch. She bought a can of that “manwich” stuff and we ate the joe’s, me with such exuberance and excitement. BUT the reality of the sloppy joe, the soggy, gloppy mess of the meal that is, wasn’t quite as magnificent asI had imagined, this coming from a girl who still finds food on her clothes more often than not.I guess my sloppy joe voice was peacefully abandoned in favor of our routine tacos. Plus MK & Ash had new movies coming out, full of french food and ice cream cones…… Continue reading


Worth it

Just because you’ve been waking up at 5:30 am to hit the gym before working from 7:30 am until late into the afternoon doesn’t mean you can’t eat a balanced dinner. Ok it’s tough to not fall face first into your plate of dinner. Exhaustion hits hard around 7pm. Stick it out; the pay-off is worth the heavy eyes and unstoppable yawns.

And a melty, cheesy pizza sits right nicely in your belly as you cuddle down into you sheets and say good night. Continue reading

How We Celebrated

So this is how we celebrated our one year engagement anniversary:

A lovely hummus flight, a few stuffed grape leaves, a scoop of -, and some fried falafel balls with a basket of warm whole wheat pita and bowl of za’tar pita chips.

It was no multi-course Parisian meal but it was just every bit as delicious and sentimental.

** I highly recommend grabbing a friend and heading to your local Hummus Place for the Hummus platter and a choice of three of their flavor-filled appetizers**

Lump Baby

Chris has a nick-name. I call him my lump baby. Now this funny little name change came about after multiple late night encounters with a half-asleep Chris. You see, when Chris is roused from a deep slumber, he carries on like a functioning human. He talks. He moves. He interacts. But he is not himself. Oh no, he is an entirely different animal.

He is The Lump Baby.

Lump Baby Chris is whiny and spiteful and lazy as can be. He says things that make no sense, assures you he is right and you are wrong, and proceeds to take over the entire bed pushing you to the deepest inside corners. Lump Baby Chris will have his cake and eat it too. Continue reading