Bikram Bites

Bikram Yoga, 90 minutes locked in a 100 degree room with a bunch of strangers, all sweating, and groaning, and toiling away.

It’s one of those love/hate things. I love the lightness I feel after, like I am clean from the inside out. I love the stretched out limber quality my body takes away. I love the post-torture high my mind experiences.I hate the process. It’s a 90 minutes that feels like 90 minutes run three times through. Sweat pools around my joints, drips into my eyes, shoots up my nose, and pools in my belly button. It’s utterly repulsive to say the least. Luckily no one leaves hot yoga looking prom-ready. Plus it’s a nice way to see what it feels like to be that person on the subway people run away from. I am sure to get a seat after a bikram practice!

So what does one refuel with after discarding 5 pounds of water weight? Weirdly enough, my appetite does not run full-force. It’s more of a quiet build. I prefer lighter snacks and grazing coupled with copious amounts of cold beverage drinking and a nice light movie on the t.v. for a little background mood.

Post-Bikram Protein Rich Snack Ideas:

Chickpea Poppers

Sweet Potato Smoothie

Apple PB Sandwiches

Flavor-boosted Popcorn

Kale Chips

Roasted Beets with yogurt

And if all else fails there is always a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a big glass of milk enjoyed before the best sleep of your life.

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