The Devil

$4.50 can’t get you a whole lot in this city. A few stale vendor pretzels, a pack of gum and a soda, almost two rides on the subway, a pack of kleenex. Go wild with your $4 bucks and some change.

Enter wasabi deviled eggs. The yolk mixture is perfectly whipped and creamy, slightly salty and with a subtle pice kick. There is a marinated bit of tuna loin with a little roe and a shake of sesame seeds perched delicately on top. This is beautiful. This tastes good, almost like a sushi roll minus the rice. This is what a bar bite should be, a little classy, a little indulgent, a little like going to see a comedy show on a Thursday even though you have work Friday. This is what $4.50 should look like (even though it tastes more like $20.50 if you ask me).

Check out the 92 Y Tribeca for great shows and good food!





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