You know how sometime after you exercise you sprint towards food and inhale it without so much as a breath. The afterwards as you push yourself back from the table and loosen the elastic drawstring of your waistband you think,” why did I do this to myself?” It’s going to be a big belly afternoon.

Yesterday was not one of those lunches. Chris and I both agreed leaving the restaurant that we felt incredibly just right. As if what we had taken out of body we had put back in in the perfect rations, fueled up on the good stuff, as if our insides were thanking us. They say it’s diet that reigns supreme in the battle of health. I think they’re right.Peacefood Cafe is my favorite vegan cafe ever. in the entire world. It’s brightly colored and cheerful, the kind of place you just don’t want to leave. The wait staff is smiley and down to earth, all the while fully supportive of their menu, and let me tell you the menu is something. With appetizers ranging from chickpea fries to mucho nachos and entrees all over the board–pizza, paninis, sandwiches, salads, even raw offerings–making a selection is an exercise and a half in and of itself.

Yesterday the cafe was pleasantly empty so Chris and I snagged a cozy table in the back underneath the natural sunlight streaming in. We perused the menu and decided to begin with some juices. I chose the beet pineapple lime and he chose the soy mango lassi. While his smoothie was certainly richer, more akin to dessert than a breakfast treat and with very fresh mango no doubt, I was very happy with my choice. A perfectly blended juice, tasting of rich, earthy beets but sweetened up thanks to the pineapple with a little lime zing, this juice had the same effects as a mug of coffee, miraculously!

For lunch I settled on a bowl of chickpea spinach soup and a side of roasted brussel sprouts and japanese pumpkin. I was presented with a hefty serving of food some of which I boxed up for lunch today. Everything was fresh and flavorful, rich and comforting in that fill-me-up but don’t stuff me kind of way. The soup had such a nice consistency, with little chickpeas unprocessed dispersed throughout. The brussel sprouts were roasted just to the point of being well-done and salted impeccably. Basic but good. The pumpkin was my favorite, partially due to its rarity on menus, and partially due to its natural sweetness, like butternut squash bathed in sugar.

Chris had the tempeh avocado ‘wich and loved it. The very ample avocado dosage, creamy and sweet, played upon the pungent tempeh and acidic pickled radishes in well-executed proportion. This sandwich was hearty and filling, a stick to the ribs kind of a deal.

We declined on desserts, though their vegan baked goods are blissful, and exited birthday lunch smiling and happy, peace(full) even.

**Photos courtesy of Creative Commons**


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