The Final Hours

And here’s how I wrapped up the big 2-2:

1. Mussels at Jubilee restaurant, a rather old-school venue catering to UES over 50 clientage but the fruits of the sea come in a variety of flavors and are perfectly steamed-best enjoyed with a basket of crusty bread and a platter of salted fries. Too bad our waiter was a real downer; aside from that an exquisite birthday feast.

2. A little night-time strolling through Central Park because it felt like a Spring night. It was a good day to be born, we decided.

3. A surprise dessert party for my beautiful best friend, Gwen. We got her!

4. Home-made (by yours truly) Key Lime pie per request of the other birthday queen. Apparently Gwen was talking about how excited she was for my pie on the cab ride over. How adorable. For a first-time go at this Florida classic, the results were ever so tasty, light, fluffy, and limey. If only the commute down with the pie hadn’t sullied its dainty appearance, oh the perils of city life.



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