Hey Soul Sister

Ok so I may have just finished the most fun 45 minutes of physical activity ever. Those critics weren’t lying when the dubbed SoulCycle a “cardio party.” Amidst blasting my glutes and contracting my quads, with sweat pouring off of me like the nozzle in my shower, and breathing so strained I almost checked my own pulse, I found myself smiling and laughing, even singing along. The crowd of cyclists around me let our yells and hoorays while the teacher danced her way around the class for the entire duration. Each song was better (and harder) than the last. And when the clock chimed 43 minutes and Laurie (the awesome instructor) noted that this was it, I actually let out an “awww” in time with the rest of my spinning compatriots. Then I buckled down and spun faster than I have ever spun before. I think I brought my passion to the pedal. They said it was a religious experience. I think they were right. I feel weirdly spiritual, otherworldly, peaceful.

SoulCycle, the definition of hurt so good.


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