Something about South Carolina

South Carolina is a marvelous state. I love the climate, sunny, a little humid, warm. I love the vegetation, a scene out of a fairytale, low country marshlands, alligators, fern-laden trees, moss. I love the abundance of outdoor activities, tennis, golf, beach runs, bike-rides, water sports. I love the smells, salt air and barbeque. I love the sounds, seagulls cawing, waves crashing, southern drawls. I love the food, low country infused Southern classics, heavy seafood emphasis, fresh and flavorful. Charleston, in particular, is the very definition of charming. A rich history meets a modern-day city and the result is overwhelming. Charleston hooks you like a harbor fish and reels you in lickety split.

South Carolina is an excellent Spring Break reprieve. It’s not overrun with loud college students on drinking binges, but it’s no geriatric hotspot either. Going to South Carolina for Spring Break feels a lot like going home; sure, things are quieter and calmer, but there is an understated excitement accompanying the shift in pace of life, like each day holds the opportunity for anything but doing nothing would be just fine too. Throw in a few games of tennis, a run on the beach, a handful of naps poolside, and some pretty exquisite meals, and you have yourself my definition of a well-rounded 5 day mini-break.

One day I think I will have had enough of city life, and when that day comes, I know where I’ll set my sights. I may have left a tiny piece of me back there in the Palmetto State. Besides, I somehow managed to escape without eating my own order of shrimp and grits!


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