Lightning Quick

There are moments when I am itching to cook, perhaps more than I even want to eat. I enjoy the process, the apron-wearing, cookbook flipping, vegetable dicing, oven preheating journey to the table.

And there are moments when I just want to plop down at my table and shove food into my mouth as quickly as fork can move. These usually occur after a hard workout or a very slow day in office. When I am tired and I am hungry, I am a monster.

In these moments, I become my own Sandra Lee, and go the semi-home-made route. I turn to pantry staples. I put on my assembly line worker fingers and crank out sustenance in under 5 minutes flat. Sometimes I revel in the process—-Sometimes I want results!

Easy Midweek Menu:

Trader Joe’s Veggie Burgers served on Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls with spinach and Dijon mustard. Stove-top garlic and cayenne kale served with frozen corn.

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