Weekend Recap

Things might get hairy here in the next couple of weeks. You may find my blog more barren, less attended too, hell maybe even more whiney. It’s that time in the academic setting know as the home-stretch. And things always pick up before they slow down.

Luckily Chris and I were able to enjoy a nice unfettered weekend in the Spring-time city. We strolled through the Village, had a fancy brunch, walked across the BK bridge, did some yoga, had some ice cream, went on a riverside run, and enjoyed good ole fashioned burger and fries grub. It was one of those weekends that makes going back to work hard.

Look at those fries. Yes, there were perfectly crispy on the outside and pleasantly mushy on the inside. Yes they were salted just right. Yes, the salt from the exterior enhanced the overall sweet quality of the taters. Yes we ate them all and contemplated ordering seconds.

Look at that salad. Yes that’s quinoa. Yes that’s a hard-boiled egg. Yes those are assorted diced veggies. Yes it looks healthy. No, it was not bland. Yes it was complex, slightly nutty, texturally diverse, and chock full of the tasty kind of nutrients.

Oh yes that is a chocolate milkshake. Oh yes that is whipped cream on top. Oh yes it was rich and milky and utterly divine.

Yes, I am aware at the humor in my order. A salad….and fries…and a milkshake. I know, oh do I know that two wrongs don’t make a right……but milkshake and fries shared with pleasant company is NEVER going to be a wrong in my book. The way I see it this is three whopping rights that I will repeat again, and often.

**Stand4 is an amazing burger and fries joint. Go with friends. Go now.**


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