Good Enough To Repeat

Last nights dinner was good enough to eat all right. After a bout of indecisiveness [read: Chris and I wandered into 3 different restaurants and even put our name on one waiting list] we settled on the always brunch time bustling white picket fence surrounded Good Enough to Eat. Cozy, knick-knacky, and comfortable, this is the kind of place you feel immediately at home at. Surrounded by various memorabilia, a host of people who feel oddly familiar, and a case full of rustic homemade pies, it was almost like being in my own kitchen in that other life I lead in which I am a 60-year-old grand mamma who lives in a country house teeming with children and pets and the omni-present scent of buttery biscuit dough.We had a bit of a go-at-it in deciding what to order. I love menu’s like Good Enough To Eats, you know the kinds that have no apparent rhyme of reason behind them, just an eclectic mix of traditional grub with a few bolder options. For example, we could have ordered a roast chicken quesadilla or a meatloaf dinner or a vegan tofu scramble.

The boy and I ended up combining forces to create the perfect order. I went with the appetizer salad of the day, a medley of roasted beets, granny smith apples, and fresh goat cheese tossed in a house-made pistachio vinaigrette. Chris chose a side portion of Good Enough To Eat’s hearty mac-n-cheese. For our entrée we spit the tuna melt with fries. We rode a regular flavor high for the duration of this meal.

The salad was so good I couldn’t bear to leave a fleck of green behind. Apple and beet is a happy pairing and with the power that is goat cheese, certainly rich in taste. The pistachio dressing was subtle but its key ingredient was certainly present, and I liked it.

The mac-n-cheese was on the higher end of city macaroni. Thick noodles covered in a melange of cheeses and tossed with breadcrumbs and butter, oh yes, yes, yes.

The highlight of the meal was our somewhat surprisingly ordered tuna melt. Now I am a tuna gal myself but I often reserve my stinky fish friend for apartment lunches, not exactly a fish I consume too regularly in public at least. Chris, too, enjoys himself a tuna spread from time to time, but have we ever ordered a tuna sammy for dinner on a weekend night? Not even. Something about this choice caught our eyes and we went for it. Thank goodness we followed our guts; this tuna salad was by far the best tuna schmear I have ever eaten at a restaurant. It was mayo-heavy enough to achieve that necessary level of moisture but retained a primary tuna flavoring. The diced pickles and celery throughout added in the delightful crunch and the salt level, oh the salt level, was spot-on. It kept us swopping back in bite after fishy bite. Served atop a rustic whole wheat bread and topped with a tomato slice and a hearty helping of melted swiss cheese, this sammy was no light dish. I a glad we went the halves route, otherwise I might have bust the button right off my jeans risking a  blinding of one the pleasant members of wait staff. The fries were great, house-cut and fried to crispy perfection. But with the sandwich and our respective sides, we were nearing the full side of things so we took it easy.

There were dessert plans for the evening, but we left Good Enough To Eat good and full. We strolled home and plopped down in bed for a movie, both agreeing that Good Enough to Eat is good enough to repeat.


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