Pimento Cheese: A Throwback

Sharp cheddar, sliced pimentos, fresh arugula, and bourbon infused mayo-yes please.

Charleston’s own Hominy Grill makes the pimento cheese sandwich of my dreams. It’s creamy. It’s fatty. It’s rich. And it has a chile-poweder kick. There’s a lot going on in between two slices of bread….until there is nothing left, that is.

*original review published here*

2 thoughts on “Pimento Cheese: A Throwback

  1. Pimento cheese has made a HUGE comeback in Atlanta lately. It’s on nearly ever “farm-to-table” restaurant menu. I have to admit… it’s not my favorite… but a chili powder kick may change my mind.

    • I loved it growing up, then took a major hiatus, now I am back to liking it. It has to be done right though, otherwise its a bit too Cheez-wiz for me.

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