Easter Bunny Miracles

Note: I had so much fun hosting friends on Easter night that I slacked in the photo department but you know, sometimes it’s best to disconnect from the technology and be present the old-fashioned way!

Our friends arrived at around 6pm ready for an evening of casual Easter fun. On the agenda was an egg dying session, a little macaroni making, some Tex-mex cuisine prepared in my kitchen, and of course bananagrams and other hilarity.

We hit speed bump #1 pretty early in. Macarons, though easy to make in a cooking workshop we took, are not quite as simple at home. We chalked it up to not having that French touch, but in reality no hand mixer made forming egg white peaks quite the obstacle. We actually took turns speed-whisking around the kitchen table for a good 10 minutes. We forged ahead regardless….perhaps this was speed bump #2?

Dinner was easy, simple, delicious and FILLING. I served sweet potato black beans “nachos”-a healthy little mix of the aforementioned ingredients over a bed of spinach and finished off with salsa, avocado, roasted onion, and sour cream. A literal gut buster, y’all…but in the fun way 🙂

After dinner, and after the macarons dough had time to “rest” we fashioned a piping bag out of a ziploc and set to work. Speed bump #3 we cut the hole in our homemade piping bag way too big. And we had only 1 baking sheet meaning we had to utilize the oven in shifts speed bump #4.

The cookies were set to bake a mere 5 minutes, which we vigilantly attended to. Alas when they came out they looked like “macaroni crisps” as Chris put it, certainly not the smooth round beauties of all the French bakeries we know. And the taste, pure sugar and vanilla, with a hint of eggy aftermath-gross.

So we did what any group of dessert lovers would do….we dyed Easter eggs and then headed out for DIY-style frozen yogurt.

There were many Easter Bunny miracles yesterday. Macaron-making was not one of them. I’m not too upset.

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