Sneak Attack

Ok I have a confession. At around 6pm tonight I encountered a sneak attack craving so strong I called my fiancée. The conversation went a little something like this:

“Hey Chris, I had an idea” to which he replied, “Oh really, what?” to which I replied, “Remember that gift card you got to Steak N Shake for Christmas? Maybe we should use it,” to which he replied, “but I had leftover cheeseburger for lunch and we had fries last night,” to which I mentally replied “shit,” but said “you’re absolutely right, we’ll eat at home!”

My fiancée keeps me in check. He remembers that we’ve already satisfied our penchant for greasy spoon cuisine (only healthier see Blossom post for recap) this week and that once is enough. Thank God for fiancée’s with some sense. Can I get an Amen?!

And while I eagerly await that nice cold milkshake and big pile of overly-salted starch bombs, for tonight we kept it civilized. We made marinated tofu stir fry served over a bed of spinach with a few slices of pepperjack cheese and a little seltzer to drink. And the best part was that this meal was so flavorful, both sweet and spicy, pleasantly salty and surprisingly rich, that I didn’t even miss the fries.

Until next time Steak N Shake, until next time.

Marinated Tofu Stir Fry

1 block Tofu—Mixed vegetables (I used Trader Joe’s Asian Stir-Fry blend)—1egg—Salt+Pepper—Soy Sauce—Hot Sauce—Cayenne Pepper—Hard-boiled egg

This is not a hard recipe. It’s really more of a throw together the pieces kind of a deal. The most important aspect here is to make sure you press the water out of your tofu as firmly as you can. I recommend slicing the tofu into 6-8 wedges and pressing firmly on a hard surface. Then I place the tofu into a casserole dish and soak in soy sauce for about 30 minutes. Once the tofu has absorbed some of the soy sauce, pop it into a greased skillet and allow each side to color, about 5 minutes per side. Meanwhile, microwave the vegetables until lightly tender. Now add the veggies to the tofu skillet and crack 1 egg on top. For the next 3-5 minutes stir the mix around, allowing the veggies, egg, and tofu to continue to char lightly. Here I sprinkled on salt, pepper, cayenne, hot sauce (I used Veri Peri) and a little more soy. Serve atop a bed of spinach and garnish with hard-boiled egg cut into sectio


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