5 Things I Love

I sat down to cobble together a post today and it was like staring at a white-washed wall. I had nothing.

Luckily I clicked on over to the lovely Joy Wilson’s blog and much to my good fortune found fresh blog post fodder. Oh the power of the internet!

Without further adieu here are 5 Things I am Loving as of Late

1. SoulCycle: I have written two previous posts about my latest cycle fanaticism. Spinning is no fresh meat to me but SoulCycle is. This is like your average indoor cycling class on speed. High energy, loud music, amazing teachers, state of the art facilities-it’s all of it in one killer 45 minute workout. Obsession, I now understand the word. Plus I will be working full-time for Soul upon graduation and couldn’t be more ecstatic. I’m in for quite a ride (pun so definitely intended)!

2. Foodie Penpal program: Lindsay of The Lean Green Bean is a genius. It is such fun to go out shopping for goodies for a fellow lover of all things culinary, almost like being on a food scavenger hunt or something. This activity forced me to trek to stores I hadn’t been to in ages. I rediscovered a few old haunts and let’s just say the results were tasty.

3. Kiwi: Ok, where has this green speckled fruit been all my life? I am so digging it these days. A nice cubed kiwi with a few frozen grapes after dinner, muy bueno. Toss a kiwi, a little yogurt, some cinnamon, a splash of milk, and a little agave in the blender and your afternoon just got better.

4. Trip pictures: It used to be that thinking about my life a year ago made me sad. The mention of Paris and I swear, I got this sinking feeling in my gut, like someone sucker punched me hard. Now I am enjoying flipping back through the photo archives, reminiscing without feeling remorse. It was a beautiful time in my life never to be forgotten but as it turns out life right now has a good many perks and a whole lot of excitement.

5. Williams-Sonoma: Chris and I are registered here for our wedding and it is like virtual Christmas each and every time I log on to the website. Oh the blenders, the knives, the pots, the pans, I want it all seriously. I know its tacky to ask for too much but it is taking every bit of my willpower not to just add the whole damn store to our registry. The size of this apartment, well that could be an issue….


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