What Guests Mean

Overnight guests mean sleeping late, coffees in bed, and pastries.

A mixed berry scone and cheese Danish from Crumbs shared amongst three–a nice warm-up.

Warning Objects in Picture Are Larger Than They Appear

A slice of apple sour cream crumble enjoyed with a slice of banana cake, both from my favorite Southern-leaning eatery Good Enough To Eat. The apple crumble was heavy in the brown sugar exterior, pleasantly crunchy and tasting of butter. The sweetness of the exterior matched nicely with the tangy tartness of the sour cream fruit center. Pie perfection. The banana cake, composed of two of my most favorite things, fresh banana bread and cream cheese icing, was moist, dense, and bursting with banana flavor. The frosting was so delicious we licked the plate clean.

Vegan tiramisu from Peacefood Cafe, just like all the desserts offered at this green eatery, tastes too good to be devoid of animal products. Rich, creamy, cool, and whipped, a touch cinnamon heavy, the perfect hot afternoon reprieve.

Fancy cheese selection from The Little Owl, a stinky sheep’s milk cheese and a ripe cow’s milk beauty, both pungent, aromatic, and intensely flavorful down to the very rind.

This rhubarb crisp, also from The Little Owl, was topped with homemade vanilla gelato and a dusting of confectioner’s sugar. It was certainly tart and rhubarb-heavy, but the butter and brown sugar outside complemented the pucker perfectly. The touch of cream from the quickly melting gelato rounded out the dessert, uniting the disparate pieces into a cohesive experience.

Overnight guests mean dessert before, between, and after dinner.


One thought on “What Guests Mean

  1. That overnight guest will also enjoy dessert right before bed, before and after a shower, before lunch and after, etc.

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