Frinighters, not us.

Friday morning is full of possibility. You wake up, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the coffee is strong. You have no idea where the day will lead you or what the night has in store but you feel ready. Friday.Friday.Friday. You chant it with rising intensity as you plunge headfirst into the day. Friday.Friday.Friday.

10 hours later and the sun has set. Friday has become Frinight. Your eyes are barely open. Your mind is on autopilot. Your body craves pajamas and bed. Frinights are nothing but sleepy eyes and stumbling feet.

Chris and I, we are not Friday nighters. We like to think we are, waking up all like “Friday night, hell yes, let’s do it!” Come 8pm though, we sing a different tune, something along the lines of “Raid the Whole Foods hot bar and eat in our jammies, yes please?” [personal favorites: Buck’s Tuna Salad, Braised Broccoli Rabe, Naan with a little Sag Paneer] Call us lame. Call us losers. Call us home-body shut-ins. We don’t care. We love the dance, the fresh start of excitement followed by the mutual decision to disband previous ideas and enjoy one on one time indoors. We give ourselves the night off and just relax however we choose. It’s a no pressure kind of evening, one that leaves us ready for Saturday, and Sunday.

And Saturday we don’t stop.

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