Betty Homemaker Dinner in Five

It’s been a slamming sammy week round these parts (read: I have been beyond crazy busy pushing my hunger to the last-minute limits; sandwiches deliver fast and filling results)!Tonight Chris called with good news–no graveyard shift. I decided to treat him to a loaf of his favorite bread to go with our dinner (ok before he called I had resigned myself to a bowl of oatmeal in front of the tv washed down with a tall glass of milk and some chocolate, mope mode much?). Somehow I forgot to factor in that 6pm at a bakery is slim pickings. Our beloved pizza bianca was sold out. I took a leap and snatched up a big fat Italian Pugliese which I stashed under my arm Paris style for the misty trek home.

Dinner came together in no time. I thick cut a few slices of this hearty sourdough, smeared it with some Trader Joe’s Bruschetta, spinach, scrambled eggs, and an ample spicing. You should have seen the grin on Chris’s face when he opened the door to a table set for two and the sweet smell of freshly baked bread and garlic wafting towards the door.

Playing Betty Homemaker certainly comes with instant gratitude in the eyes of my sweets.

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